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Exposure MaXx D MK13 4000LM priekinis žibintas .

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  • Spot And Wide Beam Functions

Day or night, rain or shine, the MaXx-D Mk 11 will be there to support your extreme adventures with spot and wide beam functions lighting your way. By highlighting the edge of the trail and complementing aggressive riding on both single-track and technical terrain with brightness automation using Reflex + Technology the MaXx-D Mk 11 will give you all the light you need on steep descents plus the added bonus of battery saving technology to increase overall burn times.

  • Please Don't Dazzle Oncoming Traffic

If intending to use this light while riding in traffic you would be advised to choose Medium or Low settings and angle the light down from the handlebars to focus at a point ten metres ahead of the bike to avoid the risk of blinding other road users around you. You should also refrain from using -Reflex+ technology in these situations.

Water Resistant In Most Weather Conditions

The MaXx-D Mk11 weighs 336g (incl. bar mount) and features a tough CNC machined 6063 Aluminium body for a long service life. It also has a water resistance rating of IPX6 making it suitable for use in most weather conditions.

  • Cycle Light That Doubles As A Power Bank

Presented in a zippered EVA soft shell case you'll receive your MaXx-D Mk11 Front Light complete with Smart Port Technology+ (SPT+), a Wall Charger, USB Charging Cable and a Handlebar Mount. If you want to pump out 3300 lumens of illuminating brightness from a cable-free light that can double as a power bank then the MaXx-D Mk11 from Exposure Lights is the perfect way to do it.