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Grandinės sujungimas SM-CN910-12 for CN-M9100 12 speed

Likutis: Turime

Prekės kodas: ISMCN91012A

Quick, secure chain connection. An easy-connect chain link that quickly connects and disconnects when mounting a new chain or cleaning your current one. Designed to function in perfect harmony with the new Dura-Ace M9100 Chain.

The CN910-12 Quick-Link is a secure, easy-use connection link for your Dura-Ace M9100 Chain. Twin joining pins fit perfectly to the chain for a secure connection and smooth drivetrain, while the clasps click into place effortlessly for easy assembly after cleaining. Zinc-Alloy plating protects the link from wear to ensure it lasts as long as your chain does.Only to be used for lifetime of one chain and cannot be reused with a new one.