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Orca Athlex Flow Silver - moteriškas triatlono hidrokostiumas

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Likutis: Neturime Turime

Prekės ženklas: Orca

Prekės kodas: MN545142

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The Athlex Flow wetsuit achieves a perfect balance between elasticity and buoyancy. High-elasticity materials are incorporated in the upper body, while buoyancy technologies are featured in the legs. These technologies allow the swimmer to correct their position in the water, achieving a more hydrodynamic posture.

Enjoy the conveniences of the Mesh Backpack and Knit Gloves, included with the purchase of the Athlex Flow. These accessories allow you to store, transport and put on your neoprene without damaging the material.

High buoyancy

The specific technologies included in the new Athlex Flow increase its buoyancy. This will allow you to get the most out of your swimming technique, since you will be able to maintain a horizontal and elevated position in the water for longer.

High elasticity

The materials in the shoulder, arm, and back areas give this wetsuit a high level of elasticity in the upper body, allowing you to swim the entire segment without any restrictions.


To improve hydrodynamics and increase your speed in the water, the materials used in this wetsuit have been treated with SCS technology. In your next competition, nothing will be able to slow you down.