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Vairo rankenos Esi Grips Fit Cr Aqua

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For a natural hand position: the FIT CR Grips by ESI

The new grip design helps distribute pressure from the hands to the handlebars, dramatically increasing steering control.

The grip is divided into three specific areas: the inner optimally raised for maximum steering control in turns, the middle area thinner for extra power during climbs, the outer with the largest circumference for more comfort, especially on descents. The areas of the FIT Grip merge seamlessly. The handle immediately feels comfortable, as if it was made especially for you. The CR Grips are the lighter version of the two FIT models.


Application: All Mountain, Enduro

Clamp: none

Technical Information:

Material: silicone

Length: 130 mm


  • very comfortable even on longer rides
  • absorbs vibrations and shocks for even greater comfort
  • very good grip even in the rain
  • asymmetrical handle design for more comfort
  • latex-free
  • easily cut down to preferred size
  • incl. bar end plugs



Clean your handlebars, then press the handlebar plugs into the grip ends. Moisten the cleaned inside of the grip and the handlebara with window cleaner or rubbing alcohol, pull the grips onto the handlebars and turn them so that the thicker side is facing the palm of your hand. Allow them to dry for 24 hours.


Loosen the grips with a blunt screwdriver or similar pushed underneath, then spray window cleaner or water underneath and pull them off the handlebars. Otherwise, they can also be removed with the aid of compressed air.



  • Grip: Wet or dry, your hands won't budge! Non-slip without being sticky.
  • Comfort: Reduces numbness in the hands, fatigue and the so-called " arm pump" .
  • Wear: UV-resistant, non-porous, does not harden and fade.
  • Adhesion: Does not require glue, hairspray or lock-ons! These grips do not slip.
  • Elements